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Behavioral Healthcare

Information Specialists


Data Driven Analytics

HIPAA Compliant Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)


e3 Informatics can help you implement, configure and test


  • 837P Professional Claims
  • 837I Institutional Claims
  • 835 Claim Payments and Denials
  • 820 Member Premium Payment
  • 834 Member Enrollment and Maintenance
  • 270/271 Member Eligibility Request and Response
  • 276/277 Claim Status Request and Response
  • 278 Services Review and Authorization
  • 999 Transaction Set Acknowledgment
  • 277CA Claim Acknowledgment
  • 5010 Compliance



Medicaid Managed Care


e3 Informatics can help you analyze


  • 1915(b) and (c) waiver readiness
  • Service and authorization trends
  • Trends by specific parameters, such as demographics and diagnoses
  • High cost services and high cost consumers
  • Outpatient claims, inpatient claims, emergency room claims
  • Paid claims and denials
  • Eligibility/Member months
  • Per member per month premiums (PMPM)
  • Incurred but not reported claim trends (IBNR)
  • 820/834 eligibility reconciliation


Revenue Cycle Analysis


e3 Informatics can help you maximize revenues by analyzing


  • Claim denials and denial trends
  • High cost denials
  • Problem facilities and problem practitioners
  • Intake processes
  • Consumer eligibility maintenance
  • Payer mix and timely payments
  • Productivity
  • Best solutions for rebilling